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January 2016 the recording industry has raised the fees
for broadcasters and webcasters drastically, just about 100%.
These rates has forced Croatoan Radio to slash our 
broadcasting hours to keep our payments at a realistic price. 
Our dj's work hard and volunteer not only their time 
but also pay into our royalty fees. We are asking our 
listeners and leagues if they would like to help donate
so Croatoan Radio can provide the uninterrupted stream 24/7,
commercial-free like we used to. Please scroll down to 
our donate button that will link you to paypal. 


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In 1590, Governor White returned to Roanoke Island.

There he found that all of the buildings were in disrepair or had been carefully dismantled.
There was no sign of fighting. No sign that the colonists were abruptly carried away by natural or unnatural forces. There was no cross. Only 8 simple letters, C-R-O-A-T-O-A-N, that shall forever be a mystery to all who hear it. These letters were found carved into the post of a fort,
and C-R-O carved into a nearby tree. - Supernatural TV


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